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Lately I’ve been a bit lazy in videoing Elmo and Georgie (on top of my natural laziness I’ve also been having problems uploading the videos so I’ve been avoiding having to do so). There are some funny and interesting behaviours I want to capture for all to see, however, it seems that whenever these behaviours happen I haven’t got my camera near me, and by the time I have managed to get it out the behaviour has stopped. Georgie and Elmo don’t do repeats.

So what behavours do I want to capture? Well, every now and then Elmo has a bit of a freak out: he flaps about like crazy in the living room, hovers about then lands. It’s like he’s got all this energy in him that he needs to release – and the rapid flapping and fluttering helps him expel it all. Sometimes Elmo manages to fly quite high. He hasn’t done a somersault in a while, which is good since he used to land hard on his back. I was always afraid he’d break his neck, but now he has more control over his flapping so I don’t worry so much.

There’s a cute behaviour that I need to capture: Whenever Elmo or Georgie hang out with either Richard or myself in the kitchen they tend to stand on our feet. Is it because the floor in the kitchen isn’t carpeted and therefore a bit cold to stand on? Possibly. I have to say though that it makes cooking quite difficult when you’ve got a pigeon hanging onto your foot as you try to move without disturbing them. I almost get away with it before Georgie gets fed up with my moving about and tells me off with a few angry pecks and coos.

Another behaviour: Elmo rarely wing slaps. While Georgie is free and easy with the wing slapping, Elmo isn’t. He’ll take you by surprise. Something you’ve put near him will scare him and he’ll lash out in defence. I think I will struggle to capture this on video because it is too unpredictable. I believe I already have video of Georgie slapping since she’s easier to predict. If I want additional footage all I would need to do is flash a torch at her and she’d go berserk. But that’s not a nice thing to do so I won’t provoke her just for the footage.

And lastly, Elmo chases me in the morning. I can hear his pitter patter as he races after my uncovered feet – eager to peck them. I really don’t know why he’s so angry in the morning. I try not to aggrevate him, but he likes to give me a hard time before I go to work. Maybe I should have a little camera at floor level to capture this? In the winter, when it’s darker in the mornings, Georgie is very cranky. I let her out for the hour before I go to work but sometimes she simply sits on the sofa and doesn’t want me to disturb her. I guess she’s not a morning person.

So watch this space. One day you may be seeing more short videos of the silly and wonderful things Elmo and Georgie do every day! :)


Pretty girl!

When we first got Georgie I wanted to share all the photos and videos we took of her so I set up her own Facebook account so ‘she’ (ahem, I) could upload everything for my family and friends to see.

Georgie now has 56 friends and enjoys seeing photos and stories from everyone, animal people in particular. Search for ‘Georgie Pigeon’ on Facebook and add her as a friend if you want to see more about her – particulary how we called her a boy before we knew any better!! I find it quite amusing to see all the comments I wrote on her photos refering to her as a boy. How silly!

There are also many videos of Georgie on YouTube. Simply click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/user/PigeonsAsPets

Now we have this website to advertise our love for our pigeons and Georgie is certainly loving the attention.

Here’s one of my favourite videos of Georgie girl. She still gives us a dental clean so we haven’t scarred her for life. :)


Funny pre WWII video of a very bossy pigeon!