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My work requires me to apply an analytical mind to day to day tasks, and I must admit analytics facinate me.

Take for example our YouTube account. We opened our YouTube account on 17/06/2010 (thats 17th June 2010 to you folks over the pond), and over the past couple of years we’ve uploaded over 130 videos of pigeon related goodness, some more successful than others.

Our top 10 videos:

# Video Title Views
1 Baby feral pigeon feeding 40,719
2 Pigeons kissing and mating 32,043
3 Pet pigeon (Elmo) cooing and dancing to camera 12,775
4 Pet pigeon (Elmo) in nest with toys 10,535
5 Pet pigeon (Elmo) and the food experiment 8,669
6 Pet pigeon (Georgie) flying in garden with harness on 4,831
7 Pet pigeon (Elmo) very excited: cooing and head-butting 4,021
8 Pigeons in aviary – males coo to female 3,933
9 Courting male pigeon 3,746
10 Baby pigeon begging for food 3,468

Now I think that’s pretty impressive.

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