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Last night we had an unexpected visitor in our garden. Isn’t he just the cutest?

P1120066 cropped


We never thought we’d see a hedgehog in the garden since we have badgers in the area so we were very surprised when this guy turned up on our doorstep. We gave him some dinner and he munched on it quite happily even with the light on. :)

I wonder what Elmo would make of him? :D

Guess where I found Elmo this afternoon upon returning home from work? … On the window sill!! He hasn’t been on the window sill in months!!

And how do I know this, you ask? Well, I can tell by following the poop trail he leaves. If Elmo spends a lot of time in one area there’ll be a bunch of poops nearby. It’s as simple as that! :)

I had wondered why Elmo had stopped sitting on the window ledge this winter. Did something spook him? Maybe he got bored with the view, but now that spring is around the corner he’s taken an interest in the garden again? I wonder…

Since moving into our new flat we’ve had many different visitors to our garden. I’d like to post some of the photos I took of these very welcome visitors:


Grey squirrel






Long-tailed tit


Fox cub


Brown rat




Feral pigeons!


Feral pigeons!

With all these visitors how could Elmo get bored with the views?! :)

Elmo had some unexpected visitors while we were out. Richard came home early to find two men with a ladder by our bedroom window. No, not burglars, rather the cleaners since the guttering on the building was growing its own roof-top garden (seriously, I half expected to see a tree growing from them!).

Richard saw that Elmo was on the bedside table, shaking with fear. Strange, he thought. Usually Elmo gets wildly excited about visitors and would be seen dancing and cooing to them. Not this time though.

One of the men asked, “Is that a pigeon in there?”

“Um, yes,” Richard replied. Now, does he act casual about it or make a big deal?

“Is it a rescued pigeon,” the man then asked.

“Yes, he is,” Richard replied. And that was that really. These men must see all kinds of strange things in people’s homes when they’re cleaning the guttering and roof. A pigeon probably only registers as “Not to be expected, but not that weird” on their “Weirdness chart”. :)

Richard told me what happened when I got home and after thinking about Elmo’s out of character behaviour, I realised it must have been because of the ladder. After enquiring about it from my hubby we discovered the cause of Elmo’s fearful behaviour: the men were wearing hard-hats!!

Elmo is scared of anyone, Richard included, if they’re wearing a hat. Mystery solved!

We had some lovely visitors the other day – much to Elmo’s delight! He couldn’t get enough of them. Cooing and dancing around their feet and outstretched hands, Elmo entertained them and I hope captured their hearts! :)

George was mostly silent and let Elmo do his thing. She’s shy.

It was so nice to meet new people who love pigeons, so thank you J and M for popping round! :)

In other news, Elmo’s white wing feather has fallen out! Oh no! I’ll have to record how quickly it grows back because I’m not sure how quickly feather growth occurs. It will be interesting to find out.

Elmo has been very angry at me lately, constantly following and trying to attack me. I don’t know what I’ve done to piss him off but I’m trying to keep out of his way so he can settle down and not fret about me.

Also, Elmo has taken a shine to Richard’s Dremel case. It’s big, it’s blue and by all accounts Elmo should hate it but for some bizzare reason he doesn’t. Elmo has been standing on it and cooing to it and I think he tried to mate with it at one point. … What a confused boy!



I tried sneaking a photo of Georgie but she reacted too quickly for me, so here she is not in the relaxed mode I wanted to show you but with her hackles raised!


I was sat at work sat behind my desk today with the sun beaming down outside when I decided tonight was BBQ dinner night. We bought a BBQ on sunday, and I want to make the most of it!

Although we would love to have Elmo and Georgie outside with us unfortunately Elmo is scared of pretty much everything, a large metal drum with fire coming out of it would most definately freak him out. I’d prefer it if he wasn’t on the BBQ.

So he sits there by the bedroom window staring at us while we (I) cook. He’s not the only one though. I can feel a few dosen eyes focused on the back of my neck, as I look round I see at least 20 pigeons perched on the neighbouring roof waiting for us to clear the way for them to come for their dinner. After all, it is THEIR garden… right?

I’ve noticed that we’ve been posting more about Elmo than about Georgie. This is not because we love Elmo more and want to talk about him more – we love both of our pigeons equally – it’s just that there’s so much more to say about Elmo because he’s such a social boy and interacts with everyone more than Georgie does and therefore there is more to say about him.

Georgie is a secretive, mysterious. She is my first pigeon love, however, she’s not so forthcoming towards other people. Everyone loves Elmo at first sight because he jumps at the chance to show them how wonderful he is. If I compare Georgie and Elmo to the general character of other species then I’d say that Elmo is like a dog, outspoken and wants to please people, and Georgie is like a cat, more reserved and laid back.

I do worry that when visitors come over that they don’t notice George – Elmo is all they can see and who they want to play with. He steals the show. He’s a bit of a clown – and a love-sponge! Georgie is stealth – she sneaks up on you and announces her presence when she’s found you (“I’m here mommy, I found you, look how good I am!”). She is quiet and sometimes an introvert. But she loves me and wants to be near me so she’ll seek my company and demand my affections. Not that I mind most of the time, although during dinner it can be a bit annoying to have a pigeon trying to sit on your lap and nest there.

George is a content little girl and I’m always amazed at how lovely she is. Here’s my darling pigeon in one of her quiet moments. I wonder what she’s thinking?


We had a visitor that really, really, REALLY liked Georgie and Elmo but we thought it was best not to let Minnie have any physical contact with them. You’ll see what I mean from the photo!


Minnie the dog wants to say hello to Georgie the pigeon

Before Minnie popped over for a sniff and to lick her lips (repeatedly whilst staring at Georgie in her cage) Elmo was practicing his disappearing act. We think he may have gotten jealous of Georgie when she played Hide and seek.

We heard a flutter and a thump and went to investigate. Sure enough, Elmo was nowhere to be found. Then we heard a noise and found the poor boy inbetween our desks and the radiator:


How he managed to fall there we don’t know since he’d have to crawl behind the PC monitors and over some stationery containers. Anyway, when Elmo saw us peering down at him he got excited and started cooing and bowing his head for Richard to come cuddle him. I think he may have found a new nesting site! Uh oh!!

There were 18 feral pigeons in our garden this morning. That’s 16 more since we’ve moved in. I guess it doesn’t help that we’ve set up a multi-bird feeder and throw peanuts and seed in abundance around the garden.  I think we’ll be having loads of new pigeons soon when their babies start leaving the nest. Here’s hoping!

This afternoon we had a friend come round to see us and meet Elmo and Georgie. As you can imagine Elmo was very excited and it was lovely to see our friend fall in love with him. Nobody can resist the charms of Elmo!!

Georgie is going to lay an egg any moment now and she’s been very sweet to us, nibbling our hands and cuddling up to us. She didn’t pay much attention to our friend but that’s just Georgie in her eggy mood.

It is the time for love and the wood pigeons living in the tree opposite us have been canoodling every morning:


I can’t wait for little baby woodies to appear with mum and dad to eat the peanuts in our garden!

I’ve been looking for photos of pigeons kissing and found many on the net, just type in ‘pigeons kissing’ and you’ll see many images of pigeons showing their affections (too many photos for me to post here). Such loving creatures!

I just hope that more people go ‘aaaw’ when they see pigeons kissing. I sure do!!

Elmo was hand-reared by a woman and lived with her before coming to us so we were a bit surprised when we realised that he doesn’t seem to like women very much. When I first met Elmo he cooed and attacked my hand. Not a good start but I didn’t think anything of it. I brought him home where he promptly fell in love with my husband. :D

Elmo loves visitors, especially men visitors. He’ll dance and coo his little heart off and as a result the visitors begin to fall for Elmo. It’s so nice to see people fall in love with him!

We think Elmo must be gay since he really likes men. At one point I thought it might be that he likes short hair since he was really into one of my girl friends who has short hair, but I can’t be sure about the hair theory. We don’t know how Elmo knows the difference between male and female humans but he does and acts differently to them. Male visitors get the treat of being serenaded to while female visitors will be pecked at if they try to touch Elmo.

Any other gay pigeons out there?


Elmo showing me who's boss!

Ps. Dora is also gay, liking women and not men. She loves me and my little sister, but attacks Richard, my dad or any other men.