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I think Elmo’s bad behaviour has rubbed off onto Georgie. Look what she’s doing:

2013-10-05 15.11.57

Georgie bathing in the cat’s water bowl.

Poor Hugo cat doesn’t know where to go when the pigeons are having a bath in his water bowl!! :D

2013-09-21 20.07.08

Elmo bathing in the cat’s water bowl.

Richard and I went for a walk in Jesmond Dene park and had a look at the animals in Pet’s Corner. We were amused to see some Geordie woodpigeons stuffing their crops on the free food! The ducks were fast asleep nearby. They didn’t seem bothered by the theft. :)

2013-10-06 14.49.34

2013-10-06 14.21.49

We visited the zoo at Chessington World of Adventures today and were amused in seeing woodpigeons flying about, mingling freely with the captive animals (one woodpigeon was sorting through the ostriches straw bedding – possibly looking for suitable bits of straw to steal for nesting material).

Walking past a large enclosure that housed a big white bird I did a double-take. Something about the bird caught my attention. My “pigeon sense” was tingling. :)

The large white bird was a Pied Imperial Pigeon (Ducula bicolor).


Pied Imperial Pigeon

We sadly couldn’t get a better photo of the pigeon (you can just about see it on the branch), however, these websites will give you more information and photos on the beautiful pigeon, which is a frugivore (fruit eater)!

And here are two videos of the pigeons (from two different zoos):

Isn’t it always the case when visiting zoos or other animal collections – the wild pigeons or fancy ones catch our eyes first! :) (Such as when we visited Porfell Wildlife Park & Sanctuary in Cornwall: Star attraction!)

We saw some other lovely creatures at Chessington Zoo, such as this handsome ostrich:


This plucky chicken (I want one!):


These adorable meerkats:


And our highlight of the day, Harley the sealion:


Rev receives a kiss


Harley gives Richard a hug!

We nipped over to Aarhus, Denmark, for a long weekend to meet some friends and as usual my pigeon-seeking eyes were on alert. I saw lots of woodpigeons in the city but only a few feral pigeons. I didn’t have my camera with me so unfortunately I haven’t got any photos to show you.

I was surprised to see so many woodpigeons in the city centre since I never see them in those locations in the UK, only in parks and woodland. There are quite a few parks and trees on the streets in Aarhus so maybe that’s why the woodies were in the centre too. And I was very surprised not to see many feral pigeons. Where were they hiding? I have a little theory: Aarhus is very clean, not a lot of litter on the ground, so not many scraps for feral pigeons to eat.

We didn’t take our two pigeons with us. I’m afraid we had to leave Elmo and Georgie at home, however, they invited a few pigeon-sitters over to keep them company. :)

Since we returned late at night and darling Elmo was too tired to give us his full “happy-to-see-you” dance routine, he couldn’t contain his joy in seeing us in the morning and leaped onto the bed to wake us up! What a silly boy! :D

I’m being swamped at work. There are so many woodpigeon babies coming in – all squeaking for my attention, for me to feed them. I find it hard – oh so hard – to resist cuddling them. Thankfully I have a pair of white pigeon squablets that I can cuddle and kiss to my heart’s content!

Their mother was sadly killed by a sparrowhawk and the owners of the white pigeons didn’t know how to feed the babies. Since they come from an aviary, they’ll be returned when they are old enough, so I can talk and tame the white pigeon babies with unrestricted joy. (And we’ve told the owners how to protect the aviary from further sparrowhawk attacks.)


White pigeons, only 3-4 days old - 19th July


The two white pigeons tickle a baby woodpigeon - 26th July

Woodpigeons actually drive me a bit mad. Some babies can be very sweet and beg for food, others don’t want anything to do with you and huff and puff away like a little dragon, chest swelled out to look bigger (filled with air!) and wing slap you when you go to pick them up. Then they’ll jump about to get away from you, knocking the gavage tube from your hands and tipping over the food pot, spilling it all over the bench. After the fifth woody has done this I’m ready for a break. I’m only trying to feed them so they can grow to be big handsome woodpigeons!

I’m going to have to invent some sort of restraining vest while I hand-feed the baby woodies (cut a hole in a sock and pop their head through?). Most of the time the babies realise I’m not going to hurt them and calm down but some never do. The day they start eating seed for themselves is a joyous day for me. I can get them out into an aviary and let them feather up till release!

(Just realised I haven’t got many photos of woodpigeons. Gotta get my camera ready for tomorrow and have a woody-photoshoot! :) ).

This is a wonderful story about a little woodpigeon hatched on a flower box on a window sill in Paris:

In late June 2008, a Wood Pigeon couple began to trash the geraniums in the flower box of my office window. I chased the pigeons away several times, but they persisted. Then I noticed a nest. I decided to let them stay and see what would happen…

An egg appeared.

Please click on the link to read the rest of the story! Well worth it! :) http://www.hopeinparis.com/hope

And a beautiful slide-show about Hope:

Saw this photo on the BBC website and I think it’s brilliant! I love the way the woody looks so determined as he strolls down the path: He’s on a mission. He’s seen the peanuts. He’s going to eat them!! LOL!

Woodpigeon (Columba palumbus)

And I’m sure you’ve all seen the following photos of a squirrel fending off a feral pigeon. Don’t worry, the pigeon flew away unharmed.

Last two photos from: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1281971/Ill-teach-steal-nuts-Squirrel-goes-battle-pigeon-food.html