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So today is the big day, the day everyone has been waiting for: the FIFA World Cup Final!

Do I hear a cheer from all the football fanatic widows out there who’ve had to endure endless hours of football? It will be finally all over!! Hooray!

Juvenile speckled pigeon3With this final match here I think back to that infamous match where the little juvenile speckled pigeon sat in all innocence on the Algerian goal. Little did he know how famous he was to become. The whole scenario was quite funny and spurred on the creation of many fan clubs around the world. Hilarious!

In my trails through the big bad web I stumbled across the following article: Pigeon ‘curse’ on England

Of course! This explains why England played so terribly and couldn’t score a goal – the pigeon was protecting it!!!

Will the madness never end?! :D

Original posts on the famous pigeon: England v Algeria and Pigeon fever

Yesterday everyone got a bit pigeon mad about a little juvenile speckled pigeon that was sitting on the Algeria goal post during the England v Algeria match (see original post). For those who haven’t seen his now famous face, here’s a photo of the cute fella:

Juvenile speckled pigeon3

Who would have thought that so many football fans would be interested in a little pigeon? After the pigeon had made his first appearance I quickly searched for a photo and video of him to post. You’ll be amazed how quickly people were writing about him on the net. Within an hour after the match facebook pages and groups were being made in honour of the pigeon and people were asking “What species of pigeon is it?” in bird forums. We received 624 visitors to our website yesterday, with 619 so far today! I am amazed!!

I found this article and video online: Pigeon video: Flying winger lightens up England v Algeria

(I know there’s about 5 adverts before the pigeon video comes on but it’s worth the wait for the 16 second close up of the pigeon.)

Seeing as Georgie cannot see properly she didn’t take much interest in the pigeon, however, Elmo was certainly intrigued when seeing it:


By the way, at the time of writing this, nearly 77,000 people like the pigeon on one of the facebook pages. Insane! :D

The England v Algeria football match became interesting for our pet pigeons when a bird was spotted sitting on the Algeria goal post during the match. After a replay we saw what looked to be a juvenile speckled pigeon (Columba guinea) sitting quite safely on the goal post (seeing as there wasn’t much of a threat of a goal from England):

Here’s photos of the pigeon:

Juvenile speckled pigeon

Juvenile speckled pigeon2

And here’s a photo of a different juvenile speckled pigeon:

Juvenile speckled pigeon (photo from Dave Shedman)

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Warning! If you don’t want to know the score of today’s England v USA match then don’t read this post.

So the World Cup has arrived and taken over the lives of many people. Personally, I couldn’t really give a crap, however, the man of the household has decided he’s going to watch the matches whether I like it or not! :)

Out came the beer, snacks and funny hats. Elmo also got into the mood:




A bit silly, I admit, but I had to do something to pass the time whilst the game was on. :D

I got into the game towards the end. As my dad advised me: “If you can’t beat them, join them!” I think Elmo was as disappointed as us with the 1:1 score. He chucked his hat down and stamped on it in frustration. Georgie on the other hand wasn’t bothered by it all. I tried to get her to hold a little flag but she flatly refused. Here she is shying away from the flag:


The dear girl turned her back to the TV and promptly fell asleep – not hearing any of our shouts at England’s poor performance!