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We visited the zoo at Chessington World of Adventures today and were amused in seeing woodpigeons flying about, mingling freely with the captive animals (one woodpigeon was sorting through the ostriches straw bedding – possibly looking for suitable bits of straw to steal for nesting material).

Walking past a large enclosure that housed a big white bird I did a double-take. Something about the bird caught my attention. My “pigeon sense” was tingling. :)

The large white bird was a Pied Imperial Pigeon (Ducula bicolor).


Pied Imperial Pigeon

We sadly couldn’t get a better photo of the pigeon (you can just about see it on the branch), however, these websites will give you more information and photos on the beautiful pigeon, which is a frugivore (fruit eater)!

And here are two videos of the pigeons (from two different zoos):

Isn’t it always the case when visiting zoos or other animal collections – the wild pigeons or fancy ones catch our eyes first! :) (Such as when we visited Porfell Wildlife Park & Sanctuary in Cornwall: Star attraction!)

We saw some other lovely creatures at Chessington Zoo, such as this handsome ostrich:


This plucky chicken (I want one!):


These adorable meerkats:


And our highlight of the day, Harley the sealion:


Rev receives a kiss


Harley gives Richard a hug!

All birds spend a lot of time and care in keeping their feathers in good condition. Pigeons preen often and mated pairs will also preen one another, as well as their babies. I love watching them do this. I find it soothing.

Some funny things are going on in zoos nowadays:

Not a pigeon but another over-fed prairie dog who’s too lazy to defend his lunch: